Our Beginnings

Our Beginnings…

In September of 2004, it was realized by the founding director that there is a sector of the nonprofit community which needs credible, reliable assistance in achieving their funding goals. This sector, usually with yearly funding less than $25,000, has difficulty in acquiring grants and contributions either for reasons of lack of administration knowledge or techniques or simply because of the nature of their exposure to the funding sources.

Months of research revealed that these nonprofits relied not only upon private foundations and individuals, but also dedicated corporate donors for the majority of their funding.  It was through research that we realized corporate donation amounts were a function of profit.  Being familiar with the  phenomenal growth and profit within the credit card industry, the director deduced that the corporate credit card merchant account was a logical source for increasing these contributions. 

The Foundation for United Nonprofit Distribution of America was formed.

Initial corporate and nonprofit status began in the Fall of 2006. As this vision has developed, we now see that we can be in a position to not only provide a funding vehicle for these nonprofits, but also to fund our own mission of empowering the Social Entrepreneur and begin the process of educating society’s recognition of these visionists.

The Internal Revenue Service recently approved our exempt status as a 501c3 Donor Advised Fund / Public Charity retroactive to November 16, 2006. Your donations are 100% tax deductible. If your organization is a 501c3 organization or a business that supports one or more 501c3 organizations please contact us and allow us to show you how we may assist you. 

If you are a business, our NORMACsm service costs you nothing.

We can greatly assist your mission needs or your philanthropic efforts.

The Foundation for United Nonprofit Distribution Inc is, through it’s mission statement and vision into the future, a most promising service resource for the Social Entrepreneur, nonprofit organizations, and also their contributors. FUND of America Inc logically employs a patent pending, totally unique application to an existing economic technology that not only assists these nonprofits in their endeavor to exist for their mission purposes, but shall also compliments the efforts of the corporate contributors of America in their NOBLE gesture of consistently being dedicated to their giving process.

21st Century Corporate Giving


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